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Radnor Bottle Opener

Radnor Bottle Opener

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Designed by James Connors (aka @idrawonreceipts)

The Radnor Bottle Opener was inspired by the feeling of cracking open your favorite brew and relaxing after a long day. The form embodies this feeling as the line of the handle splits, opens up, and returns to mend. Either hanging in your kitchen or resting on your bar cart, the Radnor Bottle Opener is a beautiful accessory with surprising utility. Each bottle opener is 3D printed steel, making each one slightly different and entirely unique. It makes a great gift, either for yourself or someone special! 

3D Printed Steel - 60% Stainless Steel / 40% Bronze Matrix Material

Leather Cord 

146mm x 42.25mm x 13.4mm

Made in the USA